I had a really enjoyable Easter break. It can sometimes be hard to rev yourself back up for the last term of school. Particularly if you have a very tough class that really take up all of your energy. Or, if you have a personal issue going on and the Easter break has been very tough emotionally on you or your family.

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Discovering Beautiful Ireland


It’s time to get out and about and explore your beautiful country! Yes, it is yours! We are so rich in the beauty of our emerald isle!

11666094_829999667085316_2013786861479476583_nI find that a good weekend sets you up for the week. So, can you plan something mindful and invigorating to do outside this weekend? Or this week? Find something that suits your needs or if you have a family, enjoy planning an adventure that you can experience together. Create some memories, venture outside and as the above quote so wonderfully reminds us, ‘the whole world belongs to you’.

A great website to frequent is: http://www.discoverireland.ie

Here’s a quick pick of one interesting event from each province for the next two weeks. I hope these suggestions might inspire you to see and seek beauty and culture in your local area. Make some mindful memories with those you love and try something new. Feel free to share any activities that are taking place in your area. Enjoy.

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Mindfulness in the Classroom


How is your mindfulness journey going? Have you tried to integrate mindfulness into your school day or home life? Well done if you have, and if you haven’t, every day brings a new chance to begin. Be gentle on yourself.

It’s time for a sit down read, so pull up a chair, snuggle on the sofa and get yourself nice and comfy. There are some lovely mindfulness ideas in the following article. I really like the idea of creating a mindful room/space for the entire school to use. Enjoy your read.

Mindfulness in the classroom – a how-to guide

Teacher Talk

Start your day in a mindful way..

  • Helpful Note: The following activities are merely suggestions. Please only try them if you feel able and if you feel that the children are able for them to. Make sure that your classroom environment is suitable, safe and spacious enough for the mindful exercises that you are doing :)

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The Travel Bug

Have you ever asked another fellow teacher to send you on their itinerary for a vacation? Well, let’s use this as a forum to share ideas and travel plans with each other. Maybe you’ll find an exciting trip idea here…

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I love to travel and am very fortunate to have seen a lot of the world. Teacher’s have the most fantastic holidays. If you can afford it, I would strongly advise you to use some of your holidays to travel the world. Make some memories with your family, partner or friends.

I believe that a good holiday and the memories and laughs that come with it, can set you up for the next school year! When you are sitting in work on a cold November evening, and you think back to the fun and frolics you had whilst traveling the previous summer, you know that it was all totally worth it :) If you can’t get away in the summer, can you plan a getaway for another time of the year?

Myself and my friends always like to start planning our holidays in January! :) We like to be organized.