Mindfulness in the Classroom


How is your mindfulness journey going? Have you tried to integrate mindfulness into your school day or home life? Well done if you have, and if you haven’t, every day brings a new chance to begin. Be gentle on yourself.

It’s time for a sit down read, so pull up a chair, snuggle on the sofa and get yourself nice and comfy. There are some lovely mindfulness ideas in the following article. I really like the idea of creating a mindful room/space for the entire school to use. Enjoy your read.

Mindfulness in the classroom – a how-to guide

Teacher Talk

Start your day in a mindful way..

  • Helpful Note: The following activities are merely suggestions. Please only try them if you feel able and if you feel that the children are able for them to. Make sure that your classroom environment is suitable, safe and spacious enough for the mindful exercises that you are doing :)

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