‘Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with the way we live, what is happening’ Coco Chanel

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I love looking at beautiful outfits on Pinterest and then seeing if I can recreate them on the high street.

I know that our job requires us to wear more practical clothing than other professions, as we tend to move around a lot more. However, I really like to add a colorful scarf, dangly earrings or a nice necklace to an outfit. The children are always so responsive when they see that you take pride in who you are and I genuinely feel that this positive energy radiates throughout the classroom.

I also know that at break time, or at the end of the day, when I look in the mirror, and like what I’m wearing, it gives me a sense of confidence and no matter how full on the day has been, I feel better about myself.

Now some mornings, if I sleep in, or my hairstyle is just not working,  I am far from a style icon. I am no fashion guru in general but I really enjoy looking at other blogger’s fabulous and inspirational styles.  Can you have some fun trying to recreate any of the looks for work?

1. Beautiful colours in this outfit. Do you have any hats that you can add to an outfit?

2. Can you rummage through your wardrobe and grab some inspiration from this outfit? I picked up a similar jacket in Penneys years ago and still use it. It’s great for layering.

3. I have tons of shirts that I wear to work. Here’s a a pretty example of an outfit with a flannel shirt. It might give you some inspiration for different combinations of shirts, T-shirts and accessories.

4. This could be a fabulous outfit for the classroom. Could you replace the shoes with leopard print ankle boots to make it more practical for the school day?

5. How cosy is this look? Can you recreate this style in any of the high street shops?

6. Recreate the look – could you change the shoes to make this work in school? Loving this outfit.

7. Comfy and stylish work outfit.

8. An elegant outfit for the classroom. I bought the exact same necklace in Penneys a while ago. Heaton’s is another great shop to buy jewellery, and often overlooked. :)


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