First Confession

I have second class this year. It’s the first time I’ve ever taught this class level as I have spent the past few years in infants. So for those of us who have second class, we are in for a busy few weeks. Hopefully through sharing resources, we can cut down on a bit of the workload.

First of all, I will include the prayers that are needed for the First Confession ceremony. I’ve also included the general mass responses that are needed for any mass as a lot of them have changed slightly over the past number of years. Click on the download button below to get them. You can give them to each child or display them on the projector, however you see fit.

You can also download the song words needed for the First Confession Ceremony here:


Next, some tips for the First Confession ceremony:

  • Keep it simple
  • Don’t invite the choir – keep that for the First Holy Communion. Just get the kids to learn 3 songs max. and bring your CD player for any necessary fillers. Minimise your work load.
  • Choose songs that are easy to learn and relevant such as ‘I’m sorry God, My Shepherd is the Lord, Do This in Memory’
  • Talk to the teacher who had second class last year and get their tips. If they have a folder, take it and repeat! No point reinventing the wheel.
  • Start saying the prayers informally everyday so that the children don’t have too much to learn in the week up to the ceremony.
  • Get to the church twice for a practice before hand. If you can only go once, then have a practice in your school hall before the ceremony.
  • Ask the priest if you can stick art on the wall or if you need to put it on a board.
  • If a few schools are making their First Holy Communion at similar times, organise a timetable for practicing in the church.
  • Bribery – do whatever you have to do with sweets, promises of baking etc :) :) :)

Lastly, I’ve found the best art ideas for First Confession on Pinterest. I’ll also share my own classes art when we have it done. Click on the pictures below to be brought to their site.

  1. A great website with all of your needs for the First Holy Communion year. This teacher has it sussed!! :)


2. I like this as the skill element of line is so evident. I’ll try this one with my class. b4f0f6234b5efba54b563885122aa69f

3. Simple and sweet. I would laminate the children’s work here.


4. A different idea here.


5. The faithful sheep!! :)


6. Oodles of cross ideas. 4409dab79a74062b30e166b3b7162a1a916ded328f0939dfcc72e12e030807cb

7. My sister did something similar to this before for First Confession and it turned out fabulous. There’s no website link attached to this unfortunately.


8. No website attached to this either. Lovely display. 6556161e5f9385683a4c6ed316c72002


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