Tasty Lunches

Let’s start this page with food for you – yes, only you! :)

Let’s start with lunches.

I know that making a lunch can be an arduous task after all the that you do after a day’s work at school. But having a good nutritious lunch is so important! We expend so much energy moving around throughout the course of the school day, we need to refuel our bodies! And we feel better too when the food that we’re eating is nourishing for us.

Why not put a little more love into our lunch so that we really, really enjoy it? The way I think of it, if we go to the trouble of making a lunch, why not make sure that it’s delicious too?

Some helpful tips for a mindful lunch

  • Bring two separate lunch boxes to work – one for little break, one for big break.
  • On a Sunday evening, fill up one lunch box with chopped apples, grapes, oranges, kiwis and one exotic fruit such as pineapple or mango. This is your lunch for little break and will last until Thursday if you make enough. Add some lemon/orange juice to keep the fruit as fresh as you can.
  • Keep berries for the weekend. They go off very quickly and they’re also quite expensive to be buying them on a regular basis. I like to have them with muesli and yoghurt at the weekend as a treat!
  • Bring to school one big tub of organic yoghurt and leave it there for the week. Add it to your fruit at little break.
  • Use the second lunch box for your big break. You can make enough lunch to last two days at a time.
  • Store corn, salad and tuna tins in your press to add to your lunches.
  • Substitute your lettuce leaves for some spinach to get a different taste. It’s tasty too and so good for you!
  • Adding mint leaves to a salad adds a delicious element to your lunch time meal. It’s also great for your digestion.

I like to have a big salad for my main lunch. Sometimes I can make this up from the leftovers of my dinner the night before, which is always very handy! If not, I look on Pinterest for some foodie inspiration. Here are some delicious recipes that I’ve enjoyed. Can you find a new lunch that suits you?

Click on the images below to find out more about their recipes.

Bon appétit! :)

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