Teacup Delight!

It’s time to explore the creative side of this blog. Let’s put the educational stuff to the side for a while :)

I’ve recently developed a love affair with teacups!!! And all things vintage to be honest! Here’s a simple floral arrangement involving teacups! I was given this as a present initially. I loved it so much that I had to recreate it. It’s simple and rewarding activity with a very pretty final product.

  1. Go to your local charity shops/flea markets and get yourself a tea cup and saucer. They don’t have to be matching. You will find loads of them. And they won’t cost you more then a couple of euros.
  2. IMG_2269Get yourself a small bit of an oasis that fits inside your teacup.
  3. I bought some flowers from Aldi for this arrangement. They always have such lovely flowers and for such a good price.
  4. Start with the foliage and build it around the side of the cup. You can get this foliage from a shop or from your garden.IMG_2270
  5. Next add the flowers and build it up as you would like it.
  6. Lastly, place it somewhere in your home or even give it as a gift!! I also saw this as a display on a table in a hotel recently. Except that they used a sugar bowl as the vase instead of a teacup. So go peruse your local charity shops and enjoy making this pretty arrangement!IMG_2362

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