Christmas Oral Language Games

It’s time to play ‘Guess who?’ 😊Here are two clever oral language games focusing on the vocabulary of Christmas. Great for any class level and could be tailored to suit the needs of an EAL child. And they’re free to download! Click on the blue writing to be brought to the games. :)

  • Nativity Oral Language Game: This took me a minute or two to fully understand. One child sees a picture of something to do with the Nativity. They must describe it to a partner, group or the rest of the class whilst not mentioning certain key words. A clever activity that encourages the children to extend their oral language skills. Suitable for first class up I would think.
  • Christmas Oral Language Game: Same idea as above but with words such as elf, decorations, Santa etc as opposed to the traditional characters of the Nativity scene.

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