Do ya wanna build a snowman????

Click on the blue writing below to follow the link to a lovely snowman activity.

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  • Build A Snowman: This activity could be great with children who are learning english as an additional language (EAL). Or why not try this ‘as Gaeilge’ as an Irish language activity? You call out the instructions and the children have to follow them. For example,  ‘Dáthaigh súil amháin glas, srón oráiste, súil eile glas agus béal dearg ar an aghaidh. Cuir an lámh clé ar an bhfear sneachta… Cuir an scairf ar an bhfear sneachta.’ It could be fun! If you teach French, Italian or any other language in your classroom, you could give this activity a go too. This could also be a good activity to help improve/assess a child’s fine motor skills. Have fun!

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