Christmas Art Lessons

  • I did this with Junior Infants last year but you can adapt it for any class level. They spent the first day painting the back ground blue with sponges. I drew out the template of the snowman’s body but they had to cut it out themselves.
  • The second day, we stuck on the template and then they cut out the nose. I gave them two sheets of rectangular paper for the scarf and then they cut out the paper for the designs. Focus on pattern with an infant class here and see if they can create their own patterns. (Model first). For those with different needs, why not create a pattern with them and then observe as to whether they can extend it or not. The children used a black marker to draw on the snowman’s mouth and hands. They used tin foil and silver paper as the snowflakes in the background. I’d recommend silver paper over tin foil as the foil can crumple easily when you are trying to stick it down.
  • These look like good fun!!! Why not trying to do this lesson as Gaeilge and instruct the children to ‘gearr amach lámhainní, bríste, brógaí, hata’. You can hang these around the classroom. And maybe let the children watch a clip from the movie ‘Elf’ to get some costume inspiration before you begin!
  • Some paper plate crafts for the junior classes.
  • How fabulous are these trees? I did a looking and responding lesson to these trees last year with my infant class. I drew out a template to the four different trees in thick black marker on an A3 page. I let the children choose which style that they wanted to paint. We spoke a lot about colour and how to make shades of green. You could definitely do this with a senior class and get them to draw their own template of the trees – focus on line and colour. Have fun being creative!! Come up with some success criteria with your class before you begin this task if you are letting them draw their own template.
  • A great art project for senior classes. It’s not the first lesson on the website so scroll down until you find it. You can link this with other famous artists who used cubism in the past (Picasso and Georges Braque). You can link this to your history plans by getting the children to study Picasso. They can increase their literacy skills by writing about the facts that they learnt about Picasso’s life. Numeracy is also included through the use of rulers and measurement techniques needed to create the actual cubism response. You can find out about Picasso by clicking on the following link: Pablo Picasso Bio. Click here for some info on cubism:
  • This is a very cute project. You could ask the children to bring in a battery operated tea light or else if you have arts and crafts money, why not use some of it to buy these in Penney’s or Heatons?

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