It’s time to unwind..

It’s time to switch off for a few moments. Make yourself comfortable, relaxed and breathe. Pop the kettle on. Enjoy the humming sound as the water boils.

I read the following quote on pinterest:

‘Fall in love with taking care of yourself. Mind. Body. Spirit.’

Read the words again. Soak them in. And breathe.


In this ‘Cup of Tea’ section, I hope you can unwind with a hot cuppa or a chocolate treat.  Enjoy the musical tunes and interesting reads that I will post below and the emotions that will come with them.

I’m going to begin this page, with a post by the beautiful Adele. I was a big fan of her previous two albums and was lucky enough to see her perform live at the Olympia. Her music has always been so thought provoking for me. Although ‘Hello’, the first single from her third album broke so many records, I have fallen completely in love with this live recording of ‘When We Were Young’. It’s so emotive and I think it is so beautiful how she completely loses herself in the music. What a joyous gift her voice is.

So get your hot brew ready, and listen, really mindfully listen to the following song….

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