I had a really enjoyable Easter break. It can sometimes be hard to rev yourself back up for the last term of school. Particularly if you have a very tough class that really take up all of your energy. Or, if you have a personal issue going on and the Easter break has been very tough emotionally on you or your family.

If you’re not happy in your workplace – make a change! Jobshare in a different county, do a teacher exchange, take a year off or just simply change schools. There are jobs out there, trust me, so don’t listen to the scaremongers.

Here’s my quote for this week. I think it reminds us of the school/work balance. Just because the holidays are over, it doesn’t mean that our days have to be filled with solely school related things! Don’t all yourself to get overwhelmed. Make the most of your short day at work and enjoy the longer evenings. :)


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