Spring Chicks with Attitude!

Even though it is technically Summer in Ireland, it definitely doesn’t feel like it! :)

Before the Easter break, I was very busy at school with preparation for St. Patrick’s Day, 1916 Celebrations and Easter work so I didn’t get to touch on Spring as much as I would have liked to. So I decided to do some work on it this side of April and some of our fantastic art is found at the bottom of this post.

Strand: Drawing

Strand Unit: Making drawings; Looking and responding


  • experiment with the marks, lines, shapes, textures, patterns and tones that can be made with different drawing instruments on a range of surfaces
  • explore shape as seen in natural and manufactured objects and become aware of the shape of shadows cast by objects
  • draw from observation
  • look at and talk about his/her work, the work of other children and the work of artists

Resources: coloured card, goggly eyes, scissors, glue sticks, pencils for drawing, wool, lollipop sticks, sellotape in case the glue doesn’t work :)

Template Art is very appealing, and can be a great crutch for those who are a bit scared of teaching art!! I’ve spent the last few years moving away from template art and the results have been fantastic!! The children really are capable of a lot more then we give them credit for. Have confidence in your own abilities to teach a successful art lesson without using templates. :)

So I showed the children a picture of these chicks and we focused on line and shape. hatching chickWe came up with some success criteria.

  1. Draw an egg(make sure to encourage them to make a decent sized egg :) )
  2. Draw a chick that would fit behind the egg.
  3. Using different types of line, design and fill your egg.
  4. Cut out your egg.
  5. Cut out your chick.
  6. Create a beak (draw a diagonal) for your chick and eyes if you don’t have googly eyes.
  7. Assemble your chick and add hair if you so wish.
  8. Here are the finished pieces!!

IMG_2971A gentle side note: I just used coloured card, I didn’t have any foam and the kids results were brilliant. I also bought all my glue sticks, paper, wool and goggly eyes in Mr. Price. It’s great value and Irish owned. :)


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