World Book Day 2016

This year, World Book Day Ireland will take plac4fe0259019a494b81c15082f15f32d3ae on Thursday, the 3rd of March. In my school, the children and teachers will be dressing up. I’m in the process of thinking about an outfit to wear for myself….all suggestions welcome! :)

I’ve put together some activities and website links to suitable resources that I’ve found online for World Book Day.

  1. Art: Bookmarks! Simple and effective! The children designed two sides of the bookmark on white paper, cut them out and stuck them onto coloured card and then I laminated them. You could choose a theme here as in – a scene from their favourite book, a drawing of their favourite character, info about World Book Day etc.


2. Book Swap: I got this idea from a great teacher. Each child is invited to bring a book to school that they no longer want. They can wrap it up and just write a brief description of the book, they don’t actually say the name or title of the author. So for example, your book could be wrapped with a tag that says, ‘an exciting story about a boy with magical powers and a lightning scar on his forehead’. The children can choose what book they’d like from the descriptions.

3. Empty Book Frames from the Activity Village. Can be filled with a book review or a short narrative or an essay as to why reading is important, or that children love reading etc. Click on the image below to be brought to the Activity Village page.


4. Books I Would Like to Read Resource from the Activity Village. Children can fill in the names of some books on the shelves that they haven’t read yet. Once again click on the image.


5. Library Books Tracker: A child friendly page for children to keep track of their reading.


6. Book Report Page: A free book report printable. Click below to be brought to the website.11-x-17-book-resport-page

7. Book Bingo: A free set of printable Bingo cards with popular book covers on it. bookbingo

8. Lastly, here is the link to the world book day resources website:

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