Tasty Lunches

Let’s start this page with food for you – yes, only you! :)

Let’s start with lunches.

I know that making a lunch can be an arduous task after all the that you do after a day’s work at school. But having a good nutritious lunch is so important! We expend so much energy moving around throughout the course of the school day, we need to refuel our bodies! And we feel better too when the food that we’re eating is nourishing for us.

Why not put a little more love into our lunch so that we really, really enjoy it? The way I think of it, if we go to the trouble of making a lunch, why not make sure that it’s delicious too?

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Porridge, Yoghurt and Raisin Bread

I got this recipe from a great baker and it’s delicious. I added the raisins as I love their taste in bread but it’s up to you whether to add them or not.

This bread is foolproof, it literally takes 5-10 mins to prepare. Why not try it, enjoy the smell of home baking and it’s delicious taste with a cup of tea when you’re finished? It’s the little things in life that are the best.


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Teacup Delight!

It’s time to explore the creative side of this blog. Let’s put the educational stuff to the side for a while :)

I’ve recently developed a love affair with teacups!!! And all things vintage to be honest! Here’s a simple floral arrangement involving teacups! I was given this as a present initially. I loved it so much that I had to recreate it. It’s simple and rewarding activity with a very pretty final product.

  1. Go to your local charity shops/flea markets and get yourself a tea cup and saucer. They don’t have to be matching. You will find loads of them. And they won’t cost you more then a couple of euros.
  2. IMG_2269Get yourself a small bit of an oasis that fits inside your teacup.
  3. I bought some flowers from Aldi for this arrangement. They always have such lovely flowers and for such a good price.
  4. Start with the foliage and build it around the side of the cup. You can get this foliage from a shop or from your garden.IMG_2270
  5. Next add the flowers and build it up as you would like it.
  6. Lastly, place it somewhere in your home or even give it as a gift!! I also saw this as a display on a table in a hotel recently. Except that they used a sugar bowl as the vase instead of a teacup. So go peruse your local charity shops and enjoy making this pretty arrangement!IMG_2362

Dry January

Dry January‘ seems to be a buzz term this month. So why not look at the following activities that you can do around Ireland and see if you can do something different this weekend? The majority are free, others are pretty reasonable and won’t leave too much of a dent in your pocket after a busy December!

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Discovering Beautiful Ireland


It’s time to get out and about and explore your beautiful country! Yes, it is yours! We are so rich in the beauty of our emerald isle!

11666094_829999667085316_2013786861479476583_nI find that a good weekend sets you up for the week. So, can you plan something mindful and invigorating to do outside this weekend? Or this week? Find something that suits your needs or if you have a family, enjoy planning an adventure that you can experience together. Create some memories, venture outside and as the above quote so wonderfully reminds us, ‘the whole world belongs to you’.

A great website to frequent is: http://www.discoverireland.ie

Here’s a quick pick of one interesting event from each province for the next two weeks. I hope these suggestions might inspire you to see and seek beauty and culture in your local area. Make some mindful memories with those you love and try something new. Feel free to share any activities that are taking place in your area. Enjoy.

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A month in Vietnam is a month well spent!

Ok, so it’s January and myself and my friends are already setting dates to meet up and discuss this summer’s plans for adventures! What have you planned for this summer??

I spent a month in Vietnam two years ago and it has been one of my favourite trips so far. My sister and her husband have travelled a lot of the world so I asked her where myself and my boyfriend should go, and how long we should go for. She told us to go to Vietnam for one whole month! I was weary at first, and thought that we should maybe try and fit Cambodia in or Laos even. Continue reading