I wish you the warmest of greetings to the mindfulteacherblog. This blog is designed to help you unwind after a bustling days’ work in the school environment.

I picture teachers reading this when the children have left the classroom after another energetic day of learning.

Or if you have a family, I imagine parents might read this when the little ones have finally been put to bed and the precious twilight hours are luxurious and ‘yours’.

A sense of calm and peace is radiating around you. Let it envelop you.

I choose this time to make a comforting cup of tea or coffee, sit at my desk, and breathe.

I’m inviting you to do the same.

Sip your soothing tea or inhale the aroma of your freshly brewed coffee. Take some time to reflect.

And breathe some more.



Well done for all that you did today.

Tomorrow is always there to try something new.

Remaining mindful, remember that this evening is for you. Set yourself a practical amount of time to stay behind after school and then leave. Yes, leave!

Enjoy the evening and the weather – be it dismal or bright. Go with the flow. Embrace the flow. You can’t plan for everything.

Enjoy your evening and your company.

Make tasty food.

Be gentle on yourself.

Be kind to others.

Embrace the world around you.

Make exciting plans. Don’t blame life for getting in the way, it’s too short to be a nuisance. Live it! Love it! We all have stories to tell and loads to carry. Every single one of us. So be mindful and find what makes you happy.

A happy teacher and a happy classroom is full of good energy. Find your energy. It is the greatest privilege to have a positive influence on a child’s education. You have the opportunity to make an amazing difference in their lives!

Re charge those batteries if you are feeling overwhelmed, stressed and a little bit blue. The world is a very busy place. Don’t forget to have a little fun!

I hope this site will inspire you to mindfully balance your work and home life. Go find the colour in life around you!

It’s time to laugh, giggle, dance, burn some pots, sing out of tune, drink some wine, dine out, dine in, travel down the road or to the other side of the world, attempt some creativity and be merry!