Chinese New Year

2016 is the Year of the Monkey! The Chinese New Year is a really fun topic with lots of integration possibilities across the curriculum. You can cater the activity suggestions below to suit your classes level and students needs. I always do a Chinese New Year Parade in school to celebrate the culmination of all of our work. It’s great way to end the topic of work!! :)


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Do ya wanna build a snowman????

Click on the blue writing below to follow the link to a lovely snowman activity.

Please respect the copyright terms and conditions of your downloads :)
  • Build A Snowman: This activity could be great with children who are learning english as an additional language (EAL). Or why not try this ‘as Gaeilge’ as an Irish language activity? You call out the instructions and the children have to follow them. For example,  ‘Dáthaigh súil amháin glas, srón oráiste, súil eile glas agus béal dearg ar an aghaidh. Cuir an lámh clé ar an bhfear sneachta… Cuir an scairf ar an bhfear sneachta.’ It could be fun! If you teach French, Italian or any other language in your classroom, you could give this activity a go too. This could also be a good activity to help improve/assess a child’s fine motor skills. Have fun!

Christmas Oral Language Games

It’s time to play ‘Guess who?’ 😊Here are two clever oral language games focusing on the vocabulary of Christmas. Great for any class level and could be tailored to suit the needs of an EAL child. And they’re free to download! Click on the blue writing to be brought to the games. :)

  • Nativity Oral Language Game: This took me a minute or two to fully understand. One child sees a picture of something to do with the Nativity. They must describe it to a partner, group or the rest of the class whilst not mentioning certain key words. A clever activity that encourages the children to extend their oral language skills. Suitable for first class up I would think.
  • Christmas Oral Language Game: Same idea as above but with words such as elf, decorations, Santa etc as opposed to the traditional characters of the Nativity scene.

A Christmas Quiz

Here are two fantastic Christmas quizzes that might help focus your class for a little bit and bring some peace into your classroom in the midst of the Christmas fever! :) Just download, sit back and enjoy!

  • Advent Table Quiz: A super quiz all done and dusted for you. Suitable for senior classes. Very well written and looks like lots of fun for the children.
  • Christmas Table Quiz Powerpoint: Another fantastic powerpoint that is all made up for you and ready to go.

Teacher Talk

Start your day in a mindful way..

  • Helpful Note: The following activities are merely suggestions. Please only try them if you feel able and if you feel that the children are able for them to. Make sure that your classroom environment is suitable, safe and spacious enough for the mindful exercises that you are doing :)

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Christmas Resources


December is a very busy month full of carol singing, class plays and incredibly excited people… and don’t even get me started on the children! :)

Here are some links to useful Christmas resources websites, with lots of FREE Christmas downloads.

Please respect the copyright terms and conditions of your downloads :)
  • Primary Resources: This is a fantastic website in general and even contains oodles of literacy and numeracy activities around the theme of Christmas. Look closely and find a powerpoint on Christmas in the Past, some Christmas resources in French for anyone feeling a little more adventurous and suggested Christmas plays.
  • Christmas Flashcards: print them off here
  • Christmas Story Starters: lots of fun and interesting story starters
  • Nativity Posters and Printables: simple, clear and child friendly
  • Christmas Colouring Pages: Sure you can’t go wrong! :) Pick one to choose your classes level
  • Advent: suggested Advent activities and printables