I had a really enjoyable Easter break. It can sometimes be hard to rev yourself back up for the last term of school. Particularly if you have a very tough class that really take up all of your energy. Or, if you have a personal issue going on and the Easter break has been very tough emotionally on you or your family.

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Spring Chicks with Attitude!

Even though it is technically Summer in Ireland, it definitely doesn’t feel like it! :)

Before the Easter break, I was very busy at school with preparation for St. Patrick’s Day, 1916 Celebrations and Easter work so I didn’t get to touch on Spring as much as I would have liked to. So I decided to do some work on it this side of April and some of our fantastic art is found at the bottom of this post.

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World Book Day 2016

This year, World Book Day Ireland will take plac4fe0259019a494b81c15082f15f32d3ae on Thursday, the 3rd of March. In my school, the children and teachers will be dressing up. I’m in the process of thinking about an outfit to wear for myself….all suggestions welcome! :)

I’ve put together some activities and website links to suitable resources that I’ve found online for World Book Day.

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First Confession

I have second class this year. It’s the first time I’ve ever taught this class level as I have spent the past few years in infants. So for those of us who have second class, we are in for a busy few weeks. Hopefully through sharing resources, we can cut down on a bit of the workload.

First of all, I will include the prayers that are needed for the First Confession ceremony. I’ve also included the general mass responses that are needed for any mass as a lot of them have changed slightly over the past number of years. Click on the download button below to get them. You can give them to each child or display them on the projector, however you see fit.

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